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Rincon Rotary tears down the walls with literacy.

Rincon Rotary tears down the walls with literacy.

All in all it's just another book in the library...

Julie Uhl requested listening centers and culturally relevant books for the Kindergarden Classrooms at Roberts Naylor. Her diverse students include many refugees and these materials will help her create a trusting and safe environment in the eyes of the kids and their parents. The Rincon Rotary, focused on education, obviously supports teaching kids to read using materials engage them.

Rincon Rotary's support is part of its Rotary LOCAL program, whose mission is to help improve the local community through educational outreach. Rotary LOCAL can provide manpower, resources from local business partners, or in some cases, direct financial support to teachers who apply for assistance.

To find out more about Rotary LOCAL and how it may be able to help you, go to rotarylocal.org. Primary support for Rotary LOCAL comes from the Rincon Rotary's annual fundraiser, The Tucson Taste of Chocolate.