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Palo Verde calculates chemistry thanks to Rincon Rotary.

Palo Verde calculates chemistry thanks to Rincon Rotary.

There's a teacher who knows, all that glitters aint gold, and he's proving it with calculations...

Palo Verde High's Bernie Diffin asked for scientific calculators to help low income chemistry students with calculations of extremely large and extremely small numbers they have to manipulate in chemistry. By shopping locally at Gibsons Office Supplies The Rincon Rotary obtained the calculators at a lower price than was available online.

Rincon Rotary's support is part of its Rotary LOCAL program, whose mission is to help improve the local community through educational outreach. Rotary LOCAL can provide manpower, resources from local business partners, or in some cases, direct financial support to teachers who apply for assistance.

To find out more about Rotary LOCAL and how it may be able to help you, go to rotarylocal.org. Primary support for Rotary LOCAL comes from the Rincon Rotary's annual fundraiser, The Tucson Taste of Chocolate.