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Rotary Local Guidelines

Definition of ROTARY LOCAL

Rincon Rotary works primarily with educational organizations in Tucson, if you don't see your educational organization on our list, don't worry, apply anyway.

Many applicants have asked us how much financial assistance they can request. There is no set amount, but there are some important things to consider when submitting your proposal:

First:  Any financial assistance or manpower that we allocate must directly benefit students in the Tucson region.

Second:  Be specific as to your needs, including a dollar amount, equipment, materials, volunteer manpower, etc.  It does not just have to be direct financial assistance. Proposals which involve local businesses or the Rincon Rotary Club itself in the classroom tend to be favored.

Third:  As a general rule, smaller requests are more likely to be approved than larger ones. That said, requests of approximately $500 (or less) are likely to be considered.

Fourth:  We are happy to partner with other organizations as a partial sponsor for your project.

Note: As a policy, we have decided not to fund professional development conference attendance for teachers or educational student trips, preferring to focus our efforts on initiatives within the classroom/school itself. You may request a subscription, however, The Rincon Rotary will not commit to fund the subscription on a recurring basis.

Rincon Rotary’s Vision

The Vision of the Rotary Club of Rincon (Tucson) is to promote scholarship and citizenship as a committed friend of education; to direct and manage programs that involve youth, adults, families, seniors and those with disabilities; to provide assistance in skills training and on-the-job experience working with the Pima County JTED; and to involve all of our members in one or more of our variety of projects while striving to meet the Rotary International motto of Service above Self.

In general, the Rotary Four-Way Test is a good baseline for our values. If your proposal, and your values, are aligned with our Four Way Test, we will consider your request.

Rotary Four-Way Test

  1. Is it the truth?

  2. Is it fair to all concerned?

  3. Is it beneficial to all concerned?

  4. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Rincon Rotary's vision statement outlines what we are trying to achieve.


Our Vision Committee screens each application for acceptance, and you will be notified of the results as soon as possible.

Thank you for applying to the Rotary LOCAL Program.    Together we can build a better community through education.